Sleeping. And Moving

Lead singer of The High Club, Mark Ruston, used to think his own songs were a blend of the melodies and spirit of the Stone Roses and the pathos of The Carpenters. Now, thanks to the sweet shop magic of iTunes, he realises that he just copies the song-writing style of the 1970’s do-wop combo Darts. In a statement the artist said, “The fact that they didn’t write their own songs is irrelevant to me. Darts were my first love and I’ll guess they’ll be my last. Anyway, It’s Raining was one of theirs. I know I won’t betray them and I think that comes across in the music.”


Hailing from Beverley in East Yorkshire and now living in Leeds, Mark and The High Club have only released one album so far, 2014’s AKoM 1. However, Mark is at pains to point out that Darts only released two proper albums in their career: Darts (1977) and Everyone Plays Darts (1978)

“In truth they were patchy but they had the classic singles on them and a couple of other great tracks. As a fan, I have to be happy with that.”

With the help of a great producer and some wonderful guest musicians, AKoM 1 is anything but patchy. But as Mark would be first to admit, he’s standing on the shoulders of giants.

You can catch Mark cycling around South Leeds, or playing with The High Club in unlikely venues across the north of England. Check NEWS for details.