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The Brits 2013

The Brits is an interesting phenomenon.  I remember watching it in February 2010 in a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales.  I planned my whole day around it and, ultimately, enjoyed it.  I watched the February 2013 version in a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds.  (It’s just the way I like to live my life).  But this time I didn’t enjoy it.  What had changed?

Well, much as I love all music, I did tune in just as James Corden was about to interview Dave Grohl.  Dave acted as if James had just stumbled across him in the park and started asking him questions about his new movie.  Dave responded in a suitably rebellious, punk rock fashion.  Little did we know, of course, that the interview had been planned months in advance, after an avalanche of emails to the producers of The Brits  from Dave’s publicists and was achieved after a subtle combination of – well, all the standard music industry techniques.

Isolated in my Cotswold retreat, soaked with the purity of nature, I found Dave’s disingenuity a little hard to swallow.  Why did he feel the need to pretend to be such an outsider when, deep down, he was nothing of the sort?   On what grounds was he aping the genuine distrust and rebellion that had paved the way for his lucrative ‘career’ in pop music?  What was he doing anyway, trying to cultivate the image of the outsider when the world is ultimately a beautiful, inclusive place? James Corden should have said:

‘Pretending to be all iconaclastic now are we?  Like I’m the straight guy and you’re the RocknRoller?  Well YOU set up this ludicrous puff piece as an advertisment for your terrible new film which is about nothing. I’m not psychiatrist but I diagnose Narcisstic Personality Disorder and there is NO CURE!’

But he didn’t.  He just simpered.

So I switched off and listened to the crackle of the open fire.  Outside, beyond the manicured safety of the rented garden, the foxes and badgers gathered for the evening hunt.  Their mad eyes bulged, their frightened little faces seemed to say: the weak get crushed as the strong grow stronger.