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Kick Out The Jams, Brothers and Sisters.

I think there are  too many people in prison.

I was thinking this in relation to the MC5, who were a band from Detroit.  That’s in America, by the way. The Stooges also come from there.  The city is known for making cars, although I don’t think it makes as many as it once did.  MC stands for Motor City.  And there were five people in the band.

Well, three of them went to prison. They went to prison for (you guessed it) drug offences.  As individuals they were political, sensitive, non-conformist and a little crazy.  So, off to prison then.

I’m not saying the drug laws are specifically designed to lock up those who chose to live outside of the established norms of society and deliberately target non-conformists and ethnic minorities who don’t share the earn and spend culture of most of the late capitalist world.

Actually, I am.

So good luck to Wayne Kramer, ex-MC5.  Political, sensitive, non-conformist and a little crazy.  Out of jail and in his sixties, still doing music and still politically active.  He’s also a carpenter, so he can actually make things and doesn’t just sit around for days on end trying to think of lyrics and eating toast.

And shame on the American Criminal Justice System for locking the band up in the first place.  That’s not a sign of a healthy, confident country is it?  What’s the point of criticising Russia for locking up Pussy Riot and then doing the same in your own country?

Whadda y’mean it was in 1974?  I don’t care.  To me it’s ALWAYS  been 1974.  Dancing in a club.  With James Blunt.