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It’s The Law

I wrote ‘It’s The Law’ after seeing a band called Swell play at The Roadhouse in Manchester.  I liked the way some of their songs were melodic but discordant underneath.  Some people like My Bloody Valentine for that.  I can’t say I do, but I like their song ‘When You Sleep’.  ‘From Where I Stood’ used to be called that by the way.  That song also has a Cure reference in the lyrics which I always enjoy singing.  Not that I sing along with my own recordings, or play them of course. No, not at all.

Anyway, Swell were OK and I wrote ‘It’s The Law’ in homage to them.  The lyrics deal with my innate tendency to cosy up to power.  I don’t think I’m alone in this characteristic.  Anyone from my local G.P  to the U.S Army.  I want to believe in the benign nature of authority.  So the song is about me being confused and looking for a big parent figure to tell me what to do.

The problems start when (for example) I go on YouTube and type in ‘Collateral Murder’.  I watch the fifteen minute clip and get all confused again.  This makes me want to cosy up to POWER all over again, cos I don’t like being confused.  So I guess it’s a vicious circle.  One way of getting off it is to write songs.

So ‘It’s The Law’ is now on YouTube.  Check it out after ‘Collateral Murder’.  It is a YouTube only release, but it may surface live.  Thanks to Andrew, Karen, Mark and Simon.  And U2.  It is their influence that’s behind the operatic ending.  No one ever cites them, do they?  U2 and The Stone Roses.  Why bother with anybody else?

Other than Swell of course.