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Sting, The Queen Mother, Me

Regrettably, I must talk about Sting.

Here’s the text from his recent Guardian interview:

One day the Queen Mother came to his street to launch a ship. Sting stood in his Sunday best waving a Union flag and as the Queen Mother drove past in her vast black Rolls Royce, she looked right at him and waved back.

“That was when I got infected,” he says. “That was when I thought: “I don’t want this life: I want that one. Once I’d found a guitar to play I found a friend to help me get there.”

Is it me, or is this quote incredible? What Sting seems to be saying is something like: “I just wanted to be famous. I didn’t care how I did it. If it hadn’t have been music, it would have been something else. Fame was the goal and I would do anything to achieve it.”

I remember seeing a picture of Sting a few years ago at some dinner or other. He had a look of grim fascination and was talking to Monica Lewinsky. It looked like he’d gone over to her table and introduced himself. Why? She was a young woman who’d had an affair with Bill Clinton. He was a musician. What was the link?

For Sting, I guess it was simple. She was famous. They were two famous people together. Not like normal people. Special people. Famous people.

I know I’m unnecessarily hard, but what did that have to do with the music? I suppose in Sting’s world the answer would be: very little. The music was a way of getting famous. The guitar was just a way of ‘getting there’.

As with everything, there is another side to this story. And that is: I Love The Police. So, without Sting’s raging desire to be famous, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of ‘Walking On The Moon’.

So Sting. You are a crazy, misguided, spiritually questionable, lonely little ship searching for a harbour. On the other hand – Thank You For The Music. Up to 1980.