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Movin’ On Up!

Louise Forbes heads up ‘Product Marketing Creation’ (Global) for the Sony Mobile Brand. She focuses on ‘above, below, through and blurring the lines’. She is also interested in ‘the emotional reactions that our creative approaches provoke and how this informs the way we tweak and refine our work going forward’.

Sony’s latest campaign is for the Xperia brand.  It features a special mix of Primal Scream’s ‘Movin On Up’ by singer-songwriter Lucy Rose. Louise  says: ‘Having one of Sony Music’s rising stars re-record specially for the creative [?] was a real coup for Sony Mobile in showcasing the best new talent from across the business.’

Primal Scream are a British rock band. Their lead singer and chief spokesman is Bobby Gillespie. Bobby is a punk rocker. He believes in insurrection. He believes in civil unrest. He believes in social change.

He also believes in selling his songs to the highest bidder. The buyers are normally very large multinational corporations. They use the songs to sell their products across the world.

The big mobile phone company are not the only purchasers of this particular song. ‘Movin’ On Up’  has been used by Sky, Barcardi and, most memorably, in 2010, by Kelloggs. They used it to advertise cornflakes. No wonder the big phone company wanted to re-record it. People could get confused.

When Creation folded in 2000, Bobby was upset that no one from within Sony ‘picked us up’. At the time he said:  ‘That shows you the state of play with these motherf***ers. Apparently they are all scared of us!’

Well, I’m scared of you, Bobby but for entirely different reasons. Still, congratulations on your very obvious success. You were lost. And now, I suppose, you are found.  I’m not sure, however, that you have made a believer out of me. Going forward.