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Burn Bright (Like a Fairground)

I used to think that I loved fairgrounds. Now I realise that I just love the music they play at them. Not all the music,you understand. Just some. Like, for example, anything by Rihanna. Great fairground music. Transcendental Disco,that’s what I’d call it. My favourite fairground music is ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’ by Tubeway Army. That’s actually two songs melded into one, like so many of the best. Can you see the join?

Suzanne Vega (who she?) said that she started off as a dancer but then switched to music because it was the music all along that was turning her on. I feel the same about fairgrounds.

I’ve written a poem about fairgrounds. Here it is.

the ghost train is terrifying

you closed your eyes all the way round

that way you couldn’t tell that it wasn’t that dark.

there was a spider, but it didn’t move.

somewhere it said R.I.P

but nothing else.

there was a boy at the end who made us jump and

you can get three in a car if you squeeze in.

when you hit that box of maltesers at the shooting range, it didn’t move.

i thought they were supposed to be light chocolates?

well, i said, the fairground isn’t always

fair? you said, as i searched for words.