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Follow The Leaders

I love Killing Joke. However, one thing has always confused me. Instead of going on about how Nirvana nicked the riff for ‘Eighties’, why don’t people see the link between the verse of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and the verse of the Killing Joke opus ‘Adorations’?

Which is not the point. The point is, after hearing Can, the fourteen year old Jaz Coleman sold his Stradivarius at Sotherbys and bought a keyboard. And in 1973, Geordie’s parents bought him a brand new Gibson for the princely sum of £318.

Stradivarius? Sotherbys at fourteen? £318 for a guitar in 1973?

It’s a funny business this business we call class, especially within punk rock. More potent than sex, and far more taboo. So taboo in fact, that I’m not going to say anymore about it. You’ve got your own mind. You can work it out.