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Chasing Cars

It’s poetry time again! As my mate Andy says: ‘No crossword hating lazy arse wants to decipher words in code! Gimme Bukowski and early Morrissey anyday!’

This one is called Chasing Cars.

i think it was 1993

when you came to stay

with your two dogs.

we went to a club for £20 each.

in the morning you let the two dogs into the garden.

and next door’s five year old looked at them with wonder.

this contrasted with the emotion of the previous night.

which was non-existant.

unless NOTHING is an emotion.

like driving back last night.

chasing cars was on the radio.

it was only when a hedgehog skuttled across the road at top speed

that i felt anything.

he wasn’t chasing cars.

he was trying to get out of the way.

good luck to him.

he’ll need it.