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Every Knee Shall Bow

Someone wrote to John Lydon when he was in the Sex Pistols asking him for a list of his favourite reggae songs. The reply was polite and informative and is on-line somewhere. The only problem with it is that the songs are not that good, apart from the incredible ‘Born for a Purpose’.

No one has written to me  for my opinion on the best ever reggae songs. Nevertheless, I will reply to that non-existent person  with a list of my own.

Live Right – Big Youth

Rollerskates – Steel Pulse

MPLA – Tappa Zukie

Born for a Purpose – Dr Alimantado

Peace & Love – Misty in Roots

Music in the Air – Matumbi

Give Another Israel a Try – Henry ‘Junjo’ Lawes

Never Get Burn – Twinkle Brothers

Coming of Jah Version – Soul Syndicate

Bristol Rock – Black Roots

Welcome to Jamrock – Damien Marley

Last War – Beres Hammond & Zap Pow

Every Knee Shall Bow – Johnny Clarke

Fittest of Fittest – Barry Brown.

That’s one side of a C90.I hope you enjoy these tracks and thanks for not writing.