akom1AKoM1 is The High Club’s first album. Produced by Andrew William Smith and featuring contributions from Long Lost Son’s Mark Slawinski, the album aims to take its place in the pantheon of the all time great British rock records.

Said singer Mark Ruston: “The twelve songs are a journey, an organic whole. Equally they are all downloadable singles. The choice is yours. I’ve heard some songwriters say that they play ABBA songs backwards to get ideas for songs. You could do that with these songs. They’re better than ABBA.”

The singer went on: “Really, in the history of music we’ve had Dark Side of The Moon, Setting Sons and the first Stone Roses record. Now it’s time for AKoM1.”

The album is released in 2013 and is available from the outlets below:
Piccadilly Records

iTunes (available soon)

Track Listing and Samples

  • 01 Diamonds
  • 02 You’ve Got My Number
  • 03 From Where I Stood
  • 04 To You Son
  • 05 Ribbons
  • 06 Bob’s Book
  • 07 Seasick
  • 08 I Feel Up
  • 09 In The Lovers’ Song
  • 10 School for Everyone
  • 11 All Kinds of Madness
  • 12 High Places